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Welcome to the webbed and wired edition of R&R, aristotle. We’ll be doing the same sort of song and dance here as we do in print: reviewing the latest comics and cartoon-related books and ranting about trends and abuses and unfathomable foolishnesses. Each installment will stay here for about four weeks, with a new one coming in just about every other week or so. If you don’t have the time to ponder every punctuation mark in this deathless prose and merely want to see what might be there that would interest you, we suggest you scroll down the page looking for the bold-face type that heralds the notables who reside herein this week. So here we go with Opus 405a, a Bunny Bonus, plus a reprise of Opuses 404 and 405—:



Opus 405a: Lechery and the Penile Prompt—Warren Ellis and Sexual Harassment (July 23, 2020).


Opus 405: Mitzi McCoy, Thurber books, Editoons on George Floyd and the Birth of a Battlecry, Winning an Emmy, Pastis Draws, Political Correctness, Stone Soup Ends, Jaffee Retires, Nancy Drew’s Phony “Death” & Obits for Dennis O’Neil, Murray Olderman and Frank Bolle (June 29, 2020).


Opus 404: Editoons Galore, John Stanley and Little Lulu, Dr. Seuss, Freud & Trump Faces (June 1, 2020).





Opus 405a (July 23, 2020). Bunny Bonus!! Just to keep abreast of breaking news, we’re examining the sexual harassment issue with Warren Ellis, who has lately been accused of “grooming” and then abusing too many women. Without further ado, here we go—:




“God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time.” —Robin Williams


Image Takes Down Oral History of the Warren Ellis Forum

“The month of June saw the comics industry rocked by successive waves of predatory conduct allegations, amid similar reckonings around sexual harassment in the affiliated worlds of video games, twitch streaming, tabletop games, professional wrestling, and professional illustration.”

            Then on July 13, Rich Johnston reported at that Image Comics removed the article An Oral History Of The Warren Ellis Forum from their website. Apparently, Ellis has been using the Forum as the place where he first met a number of women who he subsequently groomed for his sexual pleasure. Eliminate the Forum, no more grooming, which has been determined as evil.

            The Ellis story surfaced just about a month after Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Executive Director Charles Brownstein stepped down from his position amid a growing number of online protests and accusations that began with reports of his drunken act of sexual aggression against novice comics creator Taki Soma.

            Now Warren Ellis is getting his.

            His what?

            His just deserts.

            But that’s the question: is it just?

            And we try to answer that question on the Other Side of the $ubscribers’ Wall.
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