Click here to see the Rabbit Habit!Here at the Happy Harv’s Homepage, we fulminate about an assortment of topics in the general vicinity of cartooning. Our most recent Rants & Raves posting ends our 23rd year with a roundup of recent editoons even as editooning is threatened, more mass murders enrage a nation, Florida governor vs Disney, reviews of Foul Play, Badass Broads, Davenport, Grass Kings, Lalo Alcaraz’s long journey, and Jack Chick’s ghost—and more. To witness it all, click on the rabbit at the right.


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Robert C. Harvey (to disclose his actual name) has been writing about cartooning for well over a quarter of a century, beginning with a column in the Menomonee Falls Gazette (a weekly newspaper of comic strips) in the fall of 1973.  A one-time freelance cartoonist (of the "bush league" variety, he says), Harvey has produced published work in nearly all the cartooning venues--comic strips, editorial cartoons, comic books, and magazine cartoons.  He is a member of the National Cartoonist Society (NCS), an associate member of the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), and a member of the Comic Art Professionals Society (CAPS).  He has authored several books about cartooning, some of which are alluded to below.  If you want the Complete History of the Life and Times of the Happy Harv, click here.

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