* Here’s what you found: the online home of Rants & Raves, wired but unbound, a column of unfettered commentary on comics--comics history, cartoon history, cartooning lore, comics news, comic book reviews, analysis of the cartoon art form, the comics medium, occasionally even underground comix and erotic comics, editorial cartoons, political cartoons, the newspaper funnies generally, magazine cartoons, and, every once in a while, reports on comics cons or “comicons” (argot for comic book conventions). Elsewhere on this site, you’ll find cartoonist biographies and critiques of comic strips and reviews of comic strip reprint books as well as complete descriptions of the books written (or edited) by R. C. Harvey, onetime cartoonist and all-time comics historian, critic, and all-around cheerleader for the arts of cartooning, the visual-verbal art form, the pictorial blending of word and image, verbiage and pictures, which, together, conjure meanings neither one achieves alone without the other. An associate member of the National Cartoonist Society (NCS) and of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC), and a member of the Southern California Cartoonists Society (SCCS) and the Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS), Harvey writes regularly for the Comics Journal and Cartoonist PROfiles and occasionally, as whim and opportunity permit, for the Comics Buyer’s Guide, Comic Book Marketplace, and Hogan’s Alley, and he has authored five serious books on comics and cartooning and edited three others, all of which are still available (many of them through the ordering mechanism of this site). In short, you have found one of the ’Net’s great resource stops for comics and cartooning, a comics research tool with footnotes and references that aren’t fraught with the lingo of academia as much as they are laced with the silver laughter of enjoyment.

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