Watching this video is an excellent way to learn what happens here at Rants & Raves. Talk. Talk is what happens. Harv loves to talk about comics, whether the talking is written or spoken. In the fortnightly issues of R&R, it’s written talk. On this video, it’s spoken. And it’s free: it costs you nothing except time—an hour and ten minutes’ worth. Once Harv starts talking comics, he doesn’t know how to stop. And he laughs at his own jokes a lot, too.

Harvey Rabbit

Before playing the video, you may want to scroll down below the video screen
to read the comic strips there.


Partway through his discussion, Harvey refers to one of his own comic strips to explain how words
and pictures blend to achieve their narrative purpose.
The strip he refers to is the second one here; we’ve included the others,
before it and after, purely for the sake of context.

click to enlarge

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